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Shocking results reveal the real scale of the Hebrew Homes proposed CCRC (Continuing Care retirement Community) plans. Remember that what you are looking at is in an area zoned R1-1 residential and in the Special Natural Area District.

Senator Klein and Congressman Dinowitz have openly opposed the Montefiore Project and the lg tower in New Jersey. Not a word publicly on this, why?

The Hebrew Homes project proposes apartment buildings up to 8 floors in height in the heart of the special natural area district situated in an area permitting single family residential building heights of only 35'.

Ask the question - who is protecting the residents and the future of Riverdale, have we reached a critical mass in institutional development, what is the tipping point?





  • 9th August, 2014
  • To Riverdale Community Coalition Members and Supporters:
  • In April, The Riverdale Community Coalition submitted a request to City Planning under the State Freedom of Information Law asking that City Planning release documents that it had on the proposed Hebrew Home expansion.  Two weeks ago, City Planning responded by sending us the most recent Hebrew Home South Campus expansion plan being reviewed by and discussed between City Planning and the Hebrew Home.  
  • As you will see, the Hebrew Home is proposing essentially the same configuration of three high rise apartment houses it presented to the Community Board in the spring of 2013.  The plan includes 306 apartments for independent living, most of which would be constructed on the northern part of the Passionist property. The idea we had of reducing the number of new units and moving most of them onto the existing Hebrew Home campus has been ignored. 
  • The biggest and most critical change is that the Hebrew Home is no longer proposing to override or modify the R1-1 zoning.  Instead, it is claiming that the new development is a "health related facility," which is a community facility allowed under the R1-1 zoning by special permit that may only be granted by the City Planning Commission. 
  • If the Hebrew Home's claim that the independent living apartments qualify as a "health related facility" under the City Zoning Resolution was correct, we would no longer be able to contend that the R1-1 zoning was being violated.  Our only opportunity would be to oppose the special permit on the merits, which would be hard row to hoe given the attitudes of the City land use agencies.
  • Based upon our legal and zoning expert’s opinions, we strongly believe, however, that the 306 independent living units do not qualify as a "health related facility" within the meaning of the City Zoning Resolution.  
  • The Hebrew Home has persuaded the State Department of Health, absent any public discussion or input, to say that it thinks that the new development, combined  with the old, is a health related facility.  But this is no better than a lay interpretation that does not resolve the question under the City Zoning Resolution. 
  •  Our experts believe the new development does not qualify as a “health care facility”, but it remains to be seen how City Planning (and ultimately, if it goes so far) the courts interpret the law. RCC will be meeting with City Planning in the near future to discuss the situation and press our position.
  • If the City Planning Commission were to accept the proposed Hebrew Home expansion as a "health related facility" in our R1-1, then every R1-1 or R1-2 Zoning district in Riverdale and all of the five Boroughs would be fair game for development under the cloak…ergo, the "domino effect!"  So the stakes are extremely high. 
  • While the Hebrew Home has not yet applied officially for the approvals it needs, we can expect that it will do so in the near future.  It is then that the rubber will hit the road, and we will need all your support, including financial support, to carry the fight forward.
  • If you have questions, please feel free to email 

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