THE END OF R1-1 & R-2 Zoning Districts Protections


PETITION to Senator Klein, Assemblyman Dinowitz & Councilman Cohen: 

The recent proposal for citywide zoning changes, supposedly in support of more affordable housing, will, if enacted in its current form, do a good deal more than that.  It will also provide a loophole for developers to construct market rate multi-family housing in low-density residential areas in NYC, including in Riverdale. 

This will open the door to the vastly over-scaled projects currently being planned and other similar projects waiting in the wings. Your property and your neighbors’ properties could be purchased, the homes demolished and their place multi-story apartment buildings could be built.

We need our elected officials to defend Riverdale against this looming threat and to do so before it’s too late. The clock is ticking!

We the undersigned therefore demand that our elected officials take action to defeat this “loophole” and thereby protect our Riverdale community and the other areas of low-density zoning throughout New York City. In the past, our elected officials have effectively joined forces with those opposing the LG tower in New Jersey and the Montefiore building on Riverdale Avenue, even going so far as to change legislation to stop the latter building.  We ask that they do the same in this case.  We demand that they vigorously oppose the “loophole” and take a leadership role to protect Riverdale’s low-density residential communities before it is too late. 


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