The Riverdale Community Coalition is a strong grassroots coalition formed in January 2013. Today our outreach extends to include hundreds within 13 civic groups from North to South and West to East Riverdale. Our goal remains the  preservation of our neighborhood in character, context and scale.

We originally formed in 2013 in response to the proposed Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)  "Rivers Edge", being planned along the Hudson River in North Riverdale. The original proposal was situated on property zoned for single-family residential homes only. The proposal was not compatible to the R1 surrounding neighborhood and neither did it give any thought to supporting the goals of the community’s, long-term land use plan, CD 8 2000: A River to Reservoir Preservation Strategy.

Due to the changes in the law which came about through the Mayors Zoning for Quality and Affordability (ZQA)in 2016, CCRC's became a permitted use in single-family residential areas, this in turn facilitated the  project.

 The recent approval by City Planning and the NYC Council on the CCRC, means that part of the CCRC will be built  in the R1 zoning district, within the heart of the Special Natural area District. A portion of the CCRC will be built on the northern R4 campus.  This will take place over the next four years. There will however be modifications and restrictions put in place.

The Riverdale Community Coalition and supporters have worked  hard over the past five years to preserve the single-family character of our community.  It is with your support that The Riverdale Community Coalition, The Riverdale Nature Preservancy, Skyview Owners Corporation and the Sigma Place Homeowners Association have been able to negotiate a compromise with the Hebrew Home, most notably limiting the heights on the North Campus and limiting the building heights on the South (R1) campus and any future building in the buffer zones around the proposed two buildings on the southern Campus. There will be attention paid to other details, most notably: green roofs, lighting, increased trees along Palisade Avenue and the southern border, removal of chain link fences and the entry gate will move further into their property to reduce queuing. There are more details to come as City Planning wraps up the Hebrew Homes application. 




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